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Tyson Fury says Fight vs Anthony Joshua to Take Place August 14 in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury will have obtained guarantees from Saudi Defense Secretary Prince Khalid Abdulaziz Al Saud that his four-belt heavyweight unification battle with Anthony Joshua will take place on Aug. 14 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"I just got off the phone with Saudi Prince Khalid," Tyson Fury said in a video shared on Twitter on Sunday morning. "He assured me that the war will take place on August 14, 2021... The whole planet will be watching the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And I can't wait to smash Anthony Joshua on the greatest stage of all time. This would be the largest athletic event ever to take place on the globe."

Even Fury's American promoter, Bob Arum, who has been more circumspect and voiced reservations about the big, planned $155 million contract, was encouraged Sunday morning.

"We still haven't gotten the final contracts; we're expected to get a clean draft on Monday," Arum said. "But Prince Khalid has promised Tyson that there will be no complications, and anyone who has met with Prince Khalid and his team knows them to be men of their word."

The platform fee, as previously stated by ESPN, is $155 million, according to reports. According to the reports, the funds will contain $75 million for Fury and Joshua, as per their March deal, and $5 million for "expenses and undercard."

The platform fee exceeds the previous mark of $60 million set for Joshua's rematch with then-champion Andy Ruiz in December 2019 in Saudi Arabia.

Arum stated that Fury vs Joshua Live Stream will take place in Jeddah, a resort city on the Red Sea that is cooler than the other potential location, Riyadh. Arum predicted that the war will take place "about midnight Saudi time," or 5 p.m. ET in the United States.

"This is the best battle in boxing and one of the biggest sports activities in the nation," Joshua's manager, Eddie Hearn, told ESPN in March when the two British champions agreed to a two-fight contract. This platform charge only extends to their first fight, not a replay.

Hearn, who signed the 2019 contract with Prince Khalid's squad, has been influential in these talks, staying openly hopeful amid a growing chorus of skeptics. Arum expected the battle to be "lying in the sea" in late April.

The negotiations have been arduous. In recent days, a problem emerged due to what the promoters see as an overly vague force majeure clause that would have enabled the Saudis to stage the battle at any time before December 31. "Apparently, that's all been settled," Arum said.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Sign Two-Fight Deal to Unify Heavyweight Titles

"The challenging part is getting everyone to put pencil. However, this is a significant effort from all parties to receive this on this line. You'd equal promoters, rival networks along with rival fighters"
Together with the conditions of the bargain today place, attorneys may solicit offers from potential websites.


"Among the fascinations relating to this battle is going to be the buildup since they are two completely different personalities, two completely different characters. The brain games are going to be on a different level for this particular battle. Tyson is quite great at that. Anthony is excited through that. ... He is so pumped, so concentrated, he has not stopped training because the [Kubrat] Pulev struggle [in December]. The buildup will be epic."

And of course rival egos, consistently a element in boxing. Following months of tough talks between rival promoters and rival winners, the contract to get a two-fight agreement between Tyson Fury along with Anthony Joshua to combine the heavyweight names has been signed.

"This really is the biggest struggle in boxing and also among the largest sporting events on the planet," Hearn said. "It is going to be a significant, important win for a nation which wishes to showcase itself"
The wise money, but has been about the Middle East, in which Hearn procured a website penalty in excess of $40 million to market Joshua's 2019 rematch with Andy Ruiz from Saudi Arabia. The demand for a massive website fee gets especially acute with seats restrictions and companies still reeling from COVID-19, as Middle Eastern nations are looking less in presence compared to beneficial publicity. "It may be head games. He is having a terrible moment. He is a bit pissed off. Or he is using a laugh. "Speaking to me personally, Anthony and his staff in 258 direction [258 MGT]I understand just how hard we have worked these past few weeks and I just believe this struggle is so large it is not a tough sell. We have already had strategies from nine or eight websites.

Since ESPN previously mentioned, the contract requires a 50-50 split into the initial fight and 60-40 at the rematch, with the winner taking the greater discuss. The strategy is for the two fights to happen in 2021 -- first in June or July and the rematch ideally at November or even December. But the news of this deal comes only days following Fury expressed frustration with all the discussions that started back in January, telling IFL-TV he had stopped instruction for Joshua and has been drinking"around 12 pints each day."

A leading Rank supply stated:"It is pending, locating a website and a date that is okay to (fighters' decks ). We now have 30 days from the signing up, or so the price could disappear "

Tyson Fury Halts Training amid Lack of Clarity Around Anthony Joshua Fight

Tyson Fury's heavyweight unification fight against Anthony Joshua isn't a lot, Fury stated in a meeting on Friday.


"I am not coaching anymore," Fury informed Alex Steedman and Barry Jones to a Top Rank broadcast on ESPN+. "I am not training no more. I've never ceased training since December 2017, and also following these world title fights, I coached the next day. I go jogging 10 miles, doing things... I am in the gym and messing about.


"I'm taking time away from the game right now, because, like I mentioned, I've been prepared to fight because I conquer Deontay Wilder last calendar year. I've had no success in getting another struggle.
Though it's been reported regularly over the past few months that a fight between Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs), the WBC and lineal winner, also Anthony Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs), the WBA, WBO and IBF champion, to unify the heavyweight division for the first time as 1999 was close to being finalized for June somewhere in the Middle East, Fury said that it's not necessarily set.

"Everybody in this building knows more about this particular fight than I really do," Fury said when asked about the reports of the struggle. "I do not know jack, I don't know anything. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not even coaching . I've stopped coaching. [Trainer] Sugar Hill has gone home, he went home in November, end of November. ... I want a break, emotionally and emotionally and physically."
Fury stated he talked to Top Rank CEO Bob Arum on Thursday and also to his own attorney on Friday, and nothing else has been confirmed.

"I have heard it straight from the horse's mouth and I don't know anything without a struggle," Fury said. "Therefore, you are, right out of me.

"Just like I mentioned, I'm not training . Until I got a date, and they say,'Right, you're gonna be fighting June 15, Antarctica,' then I'll return to training camp. I only need six, seven months of instruction, anyhow, for all these bums."

Despite the outward doubts, Fury said that if a fight is declared shortly, he will be ready to fight.
"I will [fight] tonight. I am ready, I'm in shape, fit, I have trained my entire life," Fury said. "I'll fight tonight, tomorrow, next week, the week after thatthe following month. I've been calling for a fight for over a year."

Fury last fought Feb. 22, 2020, a seventh-round TKO victory on Wilder in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Joshua defeated Kubrat Pulev by ninth-round KO on Dec. 12 at Wembley Arena in London.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury 'Belongs in the U.K.', Admits Arum, But Money Always A Factor Liam Happe

Sway Arum will probably co-advance the normal heavyweight megafight in 2021 close by Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren.

Recently, heavyweight division pros Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury concurred on a basic level to the monetary terms of a two-battle bargain.

It was normal that the understanding would turn into a guaranteed contract once the two men had satisfied their earlier commitments. WBA, WBO and IBF champion Joshua was near securing a date with obligatory challenger Kubrat Pulev at that point, while Fury was legally attached to conceding Deontay Wilder a rematch for the WBC title he won from "The Bronze Bomber" in February.

With the Fury-Wilder set of three presently purportedly terminating and Joshua finally set for Dec. 12 with Pulev after a significant delay to at last get ticket-purchasing fans into the setting, Britain's greatest ever homegrown heavyweight standoff may at last be on its way.

Nonetheless, a few fans are worried that what could be a victor versus champion megafight may really be removed well from Great Britain, like Joshua's recovering of his titles from Andy Ruiz Jr. a year back being held in Saudi Arabia for a worthwhile site charge.

Eddie Hearn, who advances Joshua, and Frank Warren, who co-advances Fury, will surely be eager as Brits to have the session on home soil at a major arena, for example, Wembley or Cardiff's Principality Stadium. Also, veteran American advertiser Bob Arum, the other portion of Fury's supervisory crew, offered some speculative consolations this week to British battle fans.

"In the event that Joshua beats Pulev, at that point the advertisers, Frank and me on Fury's side and Eddie on Joshua's side, will get together and sort out where the best spot to do the battle is and what the income contrasts are at the destinations," Arum said in a selective meeting with Marc Gatway through Betway Insider.

"One thing I'm clear about is: the battle doesn't have a place in the United States. In the event that it's between the U.S. what's more, the U.K., the battle surely has a place in the U.K.

"Yet, in the event that it's between the U.K. what's more, some different areas, which may be happy to pay a major site charge, at that point that is something the gatherings should consider.

"In the event that it's a couple million dollars contrast we may do it in the U.K., however on the off chance that it's significantly more cash, at that point it likely doesn't bode well [do it in the U.K.].

"There are a ton of areas all around the globe that need to do that battle, consistently I'm assaulted by calls from potential areas as is Frank and Eddie. Everyone needs to arrange this battle if Joshua beats Pulev."

In fact, Joshua versus Pulev stays one of the last impressive deterrents for the present. On the off chance that the hero holds, just the crowd circumstance is left.

The title guard against Pulev will have 1,000 fans in participation, in accordance with the U.K's. latest rules which changed on Dec. 2.

With the spring or summer of 2021 the ideal time for Joshua versus Rage, late uplifting news on the accessibility of the Covid immunization implies Britain might organize the battle before upwards of 70,000 or 80,000 live battle starved onlookers.

Naturally, Arum is saving his eagerness for after Dec. 12. Furthermore, he trusts Pulev really gets an opportunity to toss a gigantic spanner in progress.

"I trust Kubrat will have the option to coordinate Joshua with boxing capacity and will have an occasion to get Joshua and take him out. Pulev is extremely solid and has great family, so Joshua won't have the option to run and do what he did to Ruiz in the rematch.

"It's one thing to box and go around the ring, making out you're second happening to Muhammad Ali when you're battling a fat, stout Andy Ruiz — however it will be an alternate story when you're battling a fit and prepared Pulev, who's fit as a fiddle and a decent fighter.

"Pulev can corner Joshua and to take him out, so I accept not exclusively is Pulev going to win the battle yet he will win it by knockout."

"We advanced Ruiz multiple times and more often than not he experienced difficulty affecting rivals with his capacity, so the reality he crushed Joshua so severely demonstrates to me Joshua has a major shortcoming and that is his failure to take a punch."

"I'm not an imbecile, I'm discussing what I've seen: I saw Anthony Joshua get thumped on his butt and altogether beaten quite recently."

Joshua versus Pulev can be bought in the U.K. furthermore, Ireland on Sky Sports Box Office.

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Tyson Fury says Fight vs Anthony Joshua to Take Place August 14 in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury will have obtained guarantees from Saudi Defense Secretary Prince Khalid Abdulaziz Al Saud that his four-belt heavyweight unific...